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The Small Town Baptist web site provides resources for those who serve in traditional churches (more or less) in small town America. New resources are regularly added in the areas of Preaching, Leading Worship, Small Town Ministry, Strategies, and Beliefs & Doctrine. There are training materials and resources for Sunday School, Deacon Ministry, the Ministry of the Baptist Association, and Strategic Planning. The Doctrine section offers text and audio files on beliefs including two lengthier sub-sections on the Trinity and God the Father. While some of the material reflects our Baptist background, other evangelical believers will find almost all of it helpful in their churches.


Sermon Preparation, Selected Sermons

  • Booklet: Preparing Sermons with Limited Time
  • Preaching "Food Pyramid" to Help in Preaching Planning
  • Sermons for Easter Season

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Leading Worship, Prayer, and Praise

Many are re-thinking how to lead worship, seeking ways to make it less about attending the "church show" and watching other people worship like a spectator - and more about the people gathering to worship.
  • Booklet: Leading Worship
  • Booklet: Leading a Prayer Emphasis
  • Livening Up Worship in the Smaller Church
  • Leading Guided Prayer

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Small Town Ministry

The Unwritten Rules for Ministering in a Small Town

If you grew up in suburb and have been called to a small town, this page might be especially helpful for you.
  • Advantages of Small Town Ministry
  • Don't Let 'Em Get You Down
  • Off-Site Links

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Strategic Planning, Church Health, Sunday School, Deacon Ministry, Associational Ministry

  • Emphasis: Recovering Church Health
  • Devotionals: Recovering Church Health
  • Sunday School: Booklet - Adult Teacher Training
  • PowerPoints: Adult Teacher Training
  • Sunday School: Starting New Classes
  • Booklet: The Biblical Role of Deacons
  • PowerPoints for Deacon Ministry Skill Training
  • Devotionals: Church Members, the Association, & the Mission
  • Prayer Guide for Associations: Look on the Fields

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Helps for Understanding and Teaching Biblical Beliefs

Most of the materials under this tab offer helpful resources for teaching biblical truths. Some will be helpful for the minister's personal edification.
  • Booklet: Know the Truth: 62 Questions & Answers for Families
  • Sub-Index: The Trinity
  • Sub-Index: The Person and Work of God the Father (Paterology)

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Trinity Sub-Index

  • The Trinity
  • Sub-Index: The Trinity

    God the Father Sub-Index

    • The Person and Work of God the Father (Paterology)

    Sub-Index: God the Father

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    Some visitors to the site may recognize some material from our previous site, The Baptist Start Page.


    All resources, whether audio, pdf, or web files, are free without further requests for permission to use. "From www.smalltownbaptist.net" is all that is asked for attribution.