Small Town Church

Recovering Church Health

Recovering Church Health Emphasis

Below are resources for a special emphasis on recovering (or enhancing) church health. We all need a regular check-up. Sometimes, all that is needed is to watch our weight and to exercise a little more. Sometimes, more extensive treatment is needed to get back to normal. For everyone, the first step is to properly define what is normal in the life of the church.

Ideas for the Emphasis   {pdf}

Devotional Booklet   {pdf}


Hear each day's devotional in audio below:

Introduction   {audio}

Day 1: The Glory of the Church   {audio}

Day 2: Healthy Churches Know How They're Doing   {audio}

Day 3: Faithful Stewards of Their Legacy   {audio}

Day 4: The Flexibility of Faith   {audio}

Day 5: Healthy Churches Are Praying Churches   {audio}

Day 6: How to Pray for Your Church   {audio}

Day 7: Prayer Support and Missions   {audio}

Day 8: Healthy Churches Are Made Up of Disciples   {audio}

Day 9: Healthy Churches Develop Disciples   {audio}

Day 10: Pass the Faith To Their Children   {audio}

Day 11: The Role of Sunday School/Small Groups   {audio}

Day 12: Equipping Every Member for Ministry   {audio}

Day 13: Healthy Churches Hold to Sound Doctrine   {audio}

Day 14: Healthy Churches Are Built On Biblical Truth   {audio}

Day 15: Healthy Churches Have a Nurturing Fellowship   {audio}

Day 16: Healthy Churches Let People In   {audio}

Day 17: Healthy Churches Resolve Conflict   {audio}

Day 18: Healthy Churches Are Full of Encouragers   {audio}

Day 19: Healthy Churches Don't Gossip   {audio}

Day 20: Healthy Churches Do Caring Acts   {audio}

Day 21: Members Are Committed to the Church   {audio}

Day 22: Recovering the Biblical Role of Deacon   {audio}

Day 23: Honoring the Biblical Role of Pastor   {audio}

Day 24: Healthy Churches Are Faithful Stewards   {audio}

Day 25: It's About Jesus   {audio}

Day 26: Church is Not a Show You Attend   {audio}

Day 27: Healthy Churches Worship Well   {audio}

Day 28: The Vocabulary of Praise   {audio}

Day 29: Unified Around the Mission   {audio}

Day 30: Healthy Churches Want to Grow   {audio}

Day 31: Evangelistic Members   {audio}

Day 32: Grow Through Evangelism, Not Transfer Alone   {audio}

Day 33: Start New Classes to Reach New People   {audio}

Day 34: Missions Crosses Cultural, Language Barriers   {audio}

Day 35: Thinking Like a Missionary   {audio}

Day 36: A Vital Connection to the Lord   {audio}

Day 37: When a Church is Unhealthy, Renewal   {audio}

Day 38: The Holy Spirit's Work in a Healthy Church   {audio}

Day 39: Regaining Our Vision   {audio}

Day 40: Healthy Churches Depend on the Lord   {audio}

Day 41: Pushing the Re-Set Button   {audio}

Day 42: Members and Small Beginnings   {audio}