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The Trinity

Thinking About the Trinity in Small Steps

Along with the doctrines of the Incarnation and the Atonement, the doctrine of the Trinity is unique to the Christian faith. Yet, so few evangelical churches teach much about it. When was the last time you heard a sermon on the Trinity? Here are short audio segments to help you think through this subject in bite-sized pieces. Use your commute! Listen to each one on the way to work and, again, on the way home, one per day. You may then wish to consider an even more neglected subject, God the Father.

  1. A Young Couple (3:24) {audio}
  2. Weíre Not Unitarians (5:43) {audio}
  3. Letís Take a Fresh Look (2:45) {audio}
  4. The Guardrails (4:16) {audio}    {fact sheet}
  5. Guardrail 1: There is One God (4:22) {audio}
  6. The Oneness of God (4:33) {audio}
  7. Guardrail 2: There Are Three Persons (3:20) {audio}    {fact sheet}
  8. Reasons We Miss the Three-ness (3:03) {audio}
  9. What We Mean by Person (4:46) {audio}
  10. Three PersonsÖ Simultaneously (2:17) {audio}
  11. Guardrail 3: Each Person is Fully God - The Father (3:41) {audio}
  12. Jesus, the Son, is Eternal God (5:51) {audio}
  13. The Spirit is God (4:39) {audio}
  14. How the Incarnation Fits (4:11) {audio}    {fact sheet}
  15. How Godís Plan Unfolded (12:29) {audio}
  16. Christ-Centered or Triune? (4:15) {audio}
  17. Guardrail 4: There Are Three Persons Eternally (6:01) {audio}
  18. Guardrail 5: The Persons Are Distinct (3:35) {audio}
  19. Guardrail 6: The Persons Mutually Indwell Each Other (3:57) {audio}
  20. Guardrail 7: Inseparable Operations (6:29) {audio}
  21. From the Father, Through the Son, By the Spirit (6:51) {audio}
  22. Thereís Always That Guy (3:50) {audio}
  23. Is Eternal Generation a Thing? (8:41) {audio}
  24. The Procession of the Spirit (5:44) {audio}
  25. Outward Missions Reveal Inward Relations (4:15) {audio}
  26. The Persons of the Trinity Glorify One Another (4:45) {audio}
  27. Why isnít the Spirit Mentioned? (3:56) {audio}
  28. Leading Trinitarian Worship (5:34) {audio}
  29. Preaching Trinitarianly (4:59) {audio}
  30. Equipping Members to Worship Trinitarily (6:22) {audio}

    A Shorter Glossary of Trinitarian Terms    {audio}    {fact sheet}
    A Longer Glossary of Trinitarian Terms    {fact sheet}

    Recorded Live
    Some audio files have been edited by the speaker for time and polish.
    Recorded Live: The Three-ness of God   {audio}    {fact sheet}
    Passage List: Passages Mentioning the Three Persons    {passage list}
    Recorded Live: Seven Guardrails in Understanding the Trinity   {audio}    {fact sheet}
    Recorded Live: Eight Principles in Understanding the Incarnation   {audio}    {fact sheet}
    Recorded Live: Nine Objections to the Trinity   {audio}    {fact sheet}
    How is God the Father... a Father?   {fact sheet}
    Recorded Live: God the Father: Source & Planner   {audio}    {fact sheet}

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