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Small Church Ministry

Ministry in the Small Church

Free resources for leaders in small churches - congregations with an average attendance under 60. Included are principles for leading worship and ministry with limited resources. Pastors of larger churches will also find many of the principles to be helpful.

Sessions in Audio

1. Session One: You're Not So Small... Elevate the Fellowship (12:41) {audio}

2. Session Two: Worship, part 1: What Worship Is & Our Role as Worship Leaders (21:13) {audio}

3. Session Two: Worship, part 2: If You Can't Sing It, Say It! (28:19) {audio}

4. Session Two: Worship, part 3: Music with Limited Resources (13:24) {audio}

5. Session Three: Vision and Your Church's Niche (11:51) {audio}

6. Session Four: Options for a Small Church in Critical Decline (12:16) {audio}

7. Session Five: Pastoral Leadership in the Small Church (13:24) {audio}

Fact Sheets and Articles

Leading Guided Prayer    {Fact Sheet}

Ideas for Livening Up Worship Service in a Small Church    {Article}

Biblical Calls to Worship    {Verse List}

Bible Belief Verse of the Week    {Verse List}
Suggestions for use on page 17

Time of Confession in Worship Services    {Article}

Assurance of Forgiveness    {Verse List}

Speaking Blessing Over God's People: New Testament Benedictions    {Verse List}

Off_Site Links

Karl Vaters: Small Church, Big Impact    {YouTube}

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Thom Rainer & Mark Clifton: The Rise of the Small Church, 1    {YouTube}

Thom Rainer & Mark Clifton: The Rise of the Small Church, 2    {YouTube}

Bobby Gilstrap: Resourcing Smaller Attendance Churches    {noba.e-quip.net}


Karl Vaters: Small Church Essentials    {Amazon}    {CDB}    {For Logos}

Terry Dorsett: Developing Leadership Teams in the Bivocational Church    {Amazon}    {Thrift Books}    {Abe Books}