Small Town Church

God the Father

The Person & Work of God the Father

We confess God the Father, maker of Heaven and earth. We affirm Him as the first Person of the Trinity. We understand Him to be, well, "Fatherly." But beyond this, many believers are not sure what to say about God the Father. Here are short audio segments to help you think through this subject in bite-sized pieces. Use your commute! Listen to each one on the way to work and, again, on the way home, one per day. You may also want to consider listening to the "prequal" to this series, on the Trinity.

  1. What Can We Say About God the Father? (5:58) {audio}
  2. Father as Metaphor (4:34) {audio}
  3. The Father is Called, Simply, God (6:27) {audio}
  4. How is the Father a Father? (6:03) {audio}
  5. The Planning Father (6:05) {audio}
  6. The Distant Father (3:10) {audio}
  7. The Sending Father (3:30) {audio}
  8. Access to the Father (5:43) {audio}
  9. Access to the Father Experienced (5:51) {audio}
  10. The Father Giving the Son (5:05) {audio}
  11. The Father Raised Jesus from the Dead (6:02) {audio}
  12. The Father Hearing & Answering Prayer (14:37) {audio}
  13. The Father Adopting (9:19) {audio}
  14. The Father and His Kingdom (8:11) {audio}
  15. The Father Correcting (8:23) {audio}
  16. Repentance Toward God (3:56) {audio}
  17. Your Father (5:57) {audio}
  18. The God & Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ (2:25) {audio}
  19. Our God and Father (2:24) {audio}
  20. The Father: Summary & Closing Arugument (7:50) {audio}

  21. Recorded Live
    Some audio files have been edited by the speaker for time and polish.
    How is God the Father... a Father?   {fact sheet}
    Recorded Live: God the Father: Source & Planner   {audio}    {fact sheet}